LLC Organizations

ABN Realty Co LLC - Formed in 1997

43 Acres in Pequannock New Jersey where the Castle will be located and retail shopping center.

Badaan Family LLC - Formed in 2008

1.08 with historical Ryerson Home 1784 converted into an office with possible 15,000sqft office building.

Badanco Holding Co. LLC - Formed in May 1996

6.79 acres in Totowa New Jersey with a commercial building of 200,000 sqft.

Badanco Realty Development Co. LLC - Formed in 1996

 600 acres in Kinnelon Riverdale and Pequannock.

HMR Properties LLC - Formed Dec 2003

196 Boonton Ave
82 Boonton Ave
84 Boonton Ave

MNB Realty Co. LLC - Formed in 2000

Carl Place subdivision in Kinnelon New Jersey
Argonne Woods
Ogdensburg property for 8 lots
212 acres in North Carolina

Sussex Plaza Realty LLC

 Sussex Plaza strip mall consisting of 21,000 sqft of retail/ shopping center space with 11 tenants.